Street Fighter X Tekken

street fighter x tekken

Two Fighting Giants Collides

Street Fighter X Tekken is every fighting game fans dream – where their favorite characters from two different franchise fights head-to-head to finally find out who is the true king of all fighters. Street Fighter X Tekken is the first of two collaborations between renowned developers Capcom and Namco – the other title planned is Tekken X Street Fighter. What is the difference you ask? Well, since Street Fighter and Tekken uses different game engines and graphic style, each game in the collaboration will be handled by their corresponding developer, Street Fighter X Tekken is developed by Capcom and uses the Street Fighter game engine while the upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter will be handled by Namco and will be using the Tekken game engine.

Players will finally be able to play as their favorite Street Fighter or Tekken characters while fighting those from the opposite franchise. Ryu versus Kazuya, Guile against Heihachi or even Dhalsim fighting against Kuma, the possibility is endless in this fighting game crossover. With a total lineup of over 40 characters from both franchises, Street Fighter X Tekken is a massive game for both the game’s massive fan base. Whose side will you choose in the battle between two of the best fighting game names in history?

The Colors of the Ring

The graphics and visual style of Street Fighter X Tekken is taken from Street Fighter 4. Like we mentioned earlier, each of the two games in the collaboration uses either Street Fighter or Tekken’s game engine and graphics. With that being said, the main question people might ask is, how does the Tekken characters look using Street Fighter 4’s cell-shaded and anime style graphics? They look pretty good actually, since most the characters in Tekken started with an anime design to begin with. It is just that once they are rendered in-game that they start to look more realistic. While most Tekken characters look fine from the transition of graphics from one series to the other, there are some that look a bit to “cartoony” for us, such as Kuma, Yoshimitsu and even Marduk – with his very short legs and overly huge upper body, which looked more disproportioned than those found in Tekken. Overall, the transition of the Tekken characters from their original incarnations to those found in Street Fighter X Tekken was well implemented and the Tekken cast is still recognizable.

Character animations are very important when it comes to fighting games, but here it is more so, especially when is comes to the visiting team from Tekken. Since the game is using Capcom’s Street Fighter 4 gameplay mechanics, some of the animations used by the characters from Tekken might not get properly implemented, especially moves that uses the three dimensional aspect of Tekken’s gameplay. With this in mind, Capcom’s team pretty much had to rework some of the move animations of the Tekken cast to make them work and at the same time look good using the Street Fighter 4’s game engine. Tekken fans need not worry that their favorite character’s moves would be different since most of their trademark moves have been integrated in Street Fighter X Tekken. While some of the character’s moves properties might be different than when it was in Tekken, players must remember that the game is a crossover title that uses another game’s gameplay mechanics. Just imagine the changes that will occur on the Street Fighter’s cast once they venture into the realm of Namco’s Tekken – Ryu’s fireballs would be pretty much useless in Tekken X Street Fighter thanks to the sidestep mechanic Tekken uses.

Stages and backgrounds are also a big part of a fighting game’s appeal since players do not want to fight in a boring stage or have to fight on a single stage over and over again. Street Fighter X Tekken’s selection of stages a varied and well thought of. It is well thought of, mainly because the designers at Capcom’s made sure that each stage has something about it that would make either the Street Fighter fan or the Tekken fan appreciate it. Stages like the Mishima estate – which is of course tied to the main characters of Tekken, Madgear hideout – tied to the Final Fight characters that also appear in Street Fighter 4 and even the Research Facility – which might not actually be tied to any game, but has cameos of memorable characters from both series. While some might gripe about the total number of stages provided in the game, we must take into consideration that most of the stages are multi-leveled – meaning after a round, the players move to a different section of the stage, which in turn changes the perspective and overall look of the stage, making it a new stage in the process.

The Sound of Clashing Bones and Sinew

Since Street Fighter X Tekken’s gameplay centers around fighting, it would make sense that sound effects play a major role in the games overall presentation. While most of the sound effects in the game were taken from the Capcom’s Street Fighter 4, there are still plenty of new audio effects included for the visiting team of Tekken. Some might think that it would be easier to just take the sound effects from the Tekken cast’s original game and just insert it this game. Thankfully, Capcom’s development team did not take the lazy man’s way out and opted to redo all the effects, not to mention doing new recordings for the voice actors playing each Tekken character. While the reason behind this might be because some voice actors were not re-casted to play their original roles, it was still a good decision which shows the dedication of the developers in making the game. Another thing that impressed us was the option to change the game’s character voices from English to Japanese. While this might not be important to some gamers, a lot of fans – including us, appreciate this feature since there are characters in the game that sounds so much better using a particular language.

The soundtrack provided in the game is a bit of a disappointment. While each stage has its own track, none of them really stood out. Some where just too forgettable for the players to even care listening to it, which I guess was no big loss since the main focus of the Street Fighter X Tekken is the gameplay. Still compared to other games of the genre, Street Fighter X Tekken’s music is weak. Capcom’s composer whose makes the music for these games seems to be falling behind those from Namco’s team, especially since Street Fighter 4’s soundtrack also failed to capture the players’ attention.

The Brawl of the Century

The gameplay of Street Fighter X Tekken is based of the Street Fighter 4 game engine with the addition of a tag system – just like those found in Capcom’s Versus games series (Xmen VS StreetFighter and Marvel VS Capcom). While not entirely the same, the concept of having two fighters who can tag in and out during the fight is similar, so fans of the Versus game series are sure to enjoy this feature.

Players will be able pick two fighters from the combined lineup of both Street Fighter and Tekken characters and fight either in arcade, versus offline and versus online. Having two characters that can tag in and out of the battle opens up a lot of opportunities for players to customize combos and setup combined special moves. While there are specific characters that forms a unique team – which can be used in the arcade/story mode to unlock story endings, there are no rules or limitations on the variety of team combinations.

Special moves and Super attacks are present in the game, just like those found in Street Fighter 4. A special meter bar is filled when the player performs moves or gets hit. One a section of the meter bar is filled; it can then be used to either power up a special move or do a special character tag in during combos. A powerful super attack can be executed when two sections of the meter bar are filled – each character has one Super Attack. Cross Arts is a super combination attack that is performed with two characters combining their Super Attacks into one long and stylish sequence that does a lot of damage, this can be executed one the special meter bar is full. Tekken characters normally do not have any Super Attacks that uses special meter bars, so the developers had to create some very unique and cool looking moves that does not only stay true to the characters persona from their original game but also fit in Street Fighter X Tekken’s setting.

Other gameplay mechanics in Street Fighter X Tekken were added to correspond with its story. Pandora mode is a feature that can be triggered when character’s life is 25% and below and has a full special meter bar. Once activated is grants the user a tremendous boost of attack power that last for ten seconds. This for us is quite a useless feature since it only last for such a short time and it sacrifices your teammate in the process. Another unique feature in Street X Tekken is the Gem System, where in you can equip gems that grant certain attributes and bonus to you fighters once a requirement is met. Both features add a certain depth to Street Fighter X Tekken’s gameplay not found in other fighting games.

And the Winner is…

Street Fighter X Tekken is a game no fan of the fighting game genre should miss. With great graphics, tons of characters and fun gameplay – both offline and online, the game is yet another testament to Capcom’s long history of developing fighting games. Downloadable contents are also available, such as costumes, gems and even twelve additional characters, boosts the game’s replay value off the roof. We highly recommend Street Fighter X Tekken to every gamer out there whether you are a fighting game fan or not.

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