Bird Brawl – A Quick Guide on Beating the Opposition

bird brawl

So you’ve discovered Bird Braw, perhaps the best bird-based multiplayer experience you can hope to play in your browser, but it isn’t all plain sailing. In fact at times, the game can get pretty difficult when you’re trying to prosper an opponent that seems to always beat you by a few eggs (or even worse, a few dozen). If you’re not versed in the way of Bird Brawl, it is a bird-centric game where you must fly around and defeat the enemies, which are evil, robotic birds, by pressing the spacebar to utilise one of the many weapons you will encounter in the game; defeating enemies rewards you with a golden egg which you must then collect. The game is played like any other multiplayer in that you join a map where others are playing, and the bird with the most enemies killed and therefore eggs collected at the end of each match is the winner. The whole experience isn’t a straightforward as kill and move on however, since there are other players actively making their way around the map as you play, injecting variables into the game that make things much more challenging. Below are simply a few tips to help your chances of triumphing over your enemies.


The basic idea of the game is simply to roam each level’s map and look for enemies to kill because enemies killed equals eggs gained, and the player with the most eggs at the end of the game will be the ultimate winner. There are a few factors to take into consideration when facing off against enemies that you wouldn’t even have to worry about in games like Angry Birds Chrome. They are as follows:

Weapons: There is a vast array of weapons available in Bird Brawl. Not all weapons are initially available of course, and your birds at the start will have a fairly rudimentary weapon such as a beehive, meat cleaver, or a pirate-style pistol. More weapons can be collected from deceased enemy birds on occasion. Weapons vary from flamethrower-like “bird roasters” to “egg grenades”, shurikens, and even a laser gun that wouldn’t be out of place in Angry Birds: Star Wars. Which weapon you use is really about preference, but some are more powerful than others as you will discover.

Range: The range of your weapon must be taken into consideration since all enemy birds are capable of ranged attacks, but not all of the weapons you can possess are. Close-quarters weapons like the meat cleaver can actually be quite powerful, but you sacrifice the relative safety of being able to attack from a distance. The meat cleaver can take a bird out quickly but you’ll likely sustain more attacks whilst doing so.

Evasion: It may seem like common sense to take evasive manoeuvres, but it is important nonetheless. As you approach an enemy they will automatically begin attacking you, and they will also actively seek you out if you are within a certain range as well; utilising the environment around you to your advantage will increase your chances of coming out of a duel unscathed. Specifically, attacking and then jumping/flying to another ledge around you is a good tactic, returning after a second to deal further blows until your enemy perishes. Evasion is less important when the enemies you face are low-level, but the more you kill, the higher level your future enemies become and the harder they are to beat: this is when avoiding attacks becomes important.

Health Benefits

You must keep an eye on your health when you are battling. Once your health depletes fully you perish and must hatch from an egg by rapidly tapping the spacebar. Though you can respawn an infinite number of times, it does waste precious time that other players will be using to collect eggs while you’re left stuck hatching out of yours.

Evasive tactics above help in keeping your health but you can’t avoid attacks forever. The only way to survive is to collect the various pieces of fruit around the level that will replenish your health. Oranges, cherries, and bananas for example, will appear around the level for you to collect. Make note of some of the fruit drop points because fruit tends to reappear in these locations.

Other Players

You’re not playing Bird Brawl in a vacuum as you would be in a one-player game: other players are present around the map as well. Now, other players can’t attack you directly in the sense of diminishing your health, but their weapons can affect your movement. Another enemy’s beehive for example will slow you down temporarily as it does to other enemies.

Once you have killed an enemy, bear in mind that collecting the egg they drop is not a done deal. The most important part of post-combat tactics is to immediately grab the egg that the enemy drops, which cannot be done until the egg (or multiple eggs with more powerful enemies) hits the floor. During this time, it isn’t uncommon for one of the opposing players to swoop in and swipe the egg from right underneath your nose. It is important therefore to swoop down to the ground as soon as your enemy releases its egg/s so that it/they isn’t/aren’t snapped up by a pesky opponent. This rule also applies conversely, so you can also snap up eggs from enemies that other players have killed, much to their annoyance.

Good Luck

Though by following the tips above you can rely on luck as little as possible, it can’t harm anything to wish you the best of luck when playing your Bird Brawl matches. The more you play the game, the more addictive it becomes, and don’t forget you can follow the Facebook links in the game in order to earn more eggs.