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Bird Brawl – A Quick Guide on Beating the Opposition

bird brawl

So you've discovered Bird Braw, perhaps the best bird-based multiplayer experience you can hope to play in your browser, but it isn't all plain sailing. In fact at times, the game can get pretty difficult when you're trying to prosper an opponent that seems to always beat you by a few eggs (or even worse, a few dozen). If you're not versed in the way of Bird Brawl, it is a bird-centric game where you must fly around and defeat the enemies, which are evil, robotic birds, by pressing the spacebar to utilise one of the many weapons you will encounter in the game; defeating enemies rewards you with a golden egg which you must then collect. The game is played like any other multiplayer in that you join a map where others are playing, and the bird with the most enemies killed and therefore eggs collected at the end of each match is the winner. The whole experience isn't a straightforward as kill and move on however, since there are other players actively making their way around the map as you play, injecting variables into the game that make things much more challenging. Below are simply a few tips to help your chances of triumphing over your enemies.

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Strength Training Exercises to Increase Your Punching Power

At Fight Game we want to share our experiences on becoming a better fighter in real life as much as on a computer game but ironically actually strengthening your fingers and wrists for real world fighting can actually pay dividends for playing Fight Game – arguably one of the most finger bashing genres going in the gaming world where you do actually need good finger and wrist endurance.

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Street Fighter X Tekken

street fighter x tekken

Two Giants Collides

Street Fighter X Tekken is every fighting games fans dream – where their favorite characters from two different franchise fights head-to-head to finally find out who is the true king of all fighters. Street Fighter X Tekken is the first of two collaborations between renowned developers Capcom and Namco – the other title planned is Tekken X Street Fighter. What is the difference you ask? Well, since Street Fighter and Tekken uses different game engines and graphic style, each game in the collaboration will be handled by their corresponding developer, Street Fighter X Tekken is developed by Capcom and uses the Street Fighter game engine while the upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter will be handled by Namco and will be using the Tekken game engine.

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Soul Calibur V


The Souls and Swords Returns

Namco Bandai's highly acclaimed weapon-based combat game returns with Soul Calibur V. While it is the fifth game to carry the title Soul Calibur, it is actually the sixth in the series – Soul Edge or Soul Blade (the name of the localized version in western regions), was the first. Soul Edge has been the epitome of weapon-based games since its rebirth with the title Soul Calibur. Taking place seventeen years after the fourth installment, the evil sword Soul Edge is rising again and a new chapter begins. New souls enter the fray, while returning favorites make their return to the stage of history. Fans of the series can finally relive the struggles between good and evil in Soul Calibur V.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Fighting in the Street for the fourth time

super street fighter 4

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is the third iteration of the game Street Fighter IV – which is the fourth installment to one of the most popular and well played series in history. The game was originally released in the arcades as an update to Super Street Fighter IV; it was then ported over to the gaming consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) and later on the PC. The game has four new additional characters not found in Super Street Fighter IV – namely Yun and Yang – the twins from Street Fighter III, Oni – a new evil character and Evil Ryu – Ryu's corrupted form. The game has all the tweaks and balance updates from the most recent arcade version of the game. If you have not yet bought a copy of Street Fighter IV then by all means get this version of the game since it is considered the complete version of Street Fighter IV.

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